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Manila fans had their hearts broken by the news of A Rocket To The Moon calling it quits several months ago. As a final hurrah, Pulp Live World brought them to Manila for a farewell set at one of the biggest music fests of the year, Bazooka Rocks II. got a chance to have a little Q&A with the band’s drummer, Andrew Cook on BRF, the breakup, and the next big adventure:

1. It’s been a few years since you were first here for LIV5 at the Ayala Malls. How do you guys feel about returning for Bazooka Rocks II and sharing the stage with so many of your fellow bands?

We are thrilled. It’s always fun to play with friends like All Time Low. The fans here are the best so we’re happy to be back.

2. Pulp has strung together an amazing lineup of bands for tonight’s music fest. Which band’s set are you most excited for?

Probably Anberlin. Their drummer is really fun to watch.

3. It’s quite a bittersweet experience for your Manila fans, mixing the excitement of seeing you again at Bazooka Rocks and the sadness of it being a farewell set. What is your message to all the fans who are coming to see you today?

Our message is quite simply thank you. Having a fanbase like the one we have here is something we’ve never dreamed of having. We are still in awe of the support here.


1. Fans everywhere were heartbroken by the news of ARTTM wrapping up a solid seven years of music together. What would you say is the main reason you decided it was time to bring this chapter of your lives to a close?

We just needed a chance to step away and clear our heads. Things didn’t go so well with this last record and it basically took the wind out of our sails.

2. Over the years, you’ve seen the world and played countless shows. Looking back, if you each had to pick one moment that was the most memorable or meaningful to you, what would it be?

Last night when we walked onstage for the meet and great at Mall of Asia. I still have goosebumps from it.


1. The question on everyone’s minds is about what comes next. What are your plans for your next adventure?

Making music! All of us are gonna be involved with different things. Stay tuned!

2. The family of a fanbase you’ve built worldwide is obviously reluctant to see you go. Any chance they will see you play together again in the future?

I suppose it’s always an option. We certainly won’t rule it out.



Enough of the heavy stuff, let’s get a little silly.

1. What’s an interview without a zombie reference? Who in the band do you think would be the sole survivor of a zombie apocalypse?

I’d say probably nick or I. Nick is very handy and good at building stuff. He could fortify himself well. I think I’d be the best at running away haha.

2. Some people are just naturally responsible. Who is the biggest “Mother Goose” when you guys are on tour?

Probably me as of late. We used to have our own mother goose named Britton but he is with other artists now. He was the best for that.

We asked your fans to contribute queries to the Q&A. Here are three of them:

From Geneba Tenaja: What is the best thing that music gave you?
Hope, and an ability to express myself.

From Irish: What’s the most embarrassing thing that happened to you during a concert?

My kick drum pedal breaking and ruining the song.

From Tresia Cercado: How much have you grown up and changed since you started you careers in music?
A ton! The difference for me personally since I started touring 10 years ago is almost immeasurable.

And lastly:
Any message you’d like to send out to all your fans in the Philippines?

I hope you’re ready to get crazy with us tonight! We have been waiting a long time for this. We are all anticipating this being one of the best, if not THE best show, we’ve ever played.

Interview by Carla Barretto


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