Paramore Live in Manila 2013


Paramore is coming back to Manila on February 15, 2013 at the Mall of Asia Arena with special guest mewithoutYou. Tickets are now available!

The band took the world by storm with 2005’s All We Know is Falling, 2007’s Riot and 2009’s Brand New Eyes, their highest charting album to date. Their first single “Now” from their self-titled 4th album “Paramore” is set to premiere on January 22, 2013.

Ticket Prices:
VIP Reserved Seats – P5,810
PATRON STANDING Standing – P4,760
LOWER BOX Reserved Seats – P3,700
UPPER BOX Reserved Seats – P1,800

Tickets are now available at SM Tickets

Call 470 2222 or visit

Brought to you by MMI and Ovation Productions

Are you going to watch Paramore Live in Manila on February 15?


(Ticket Selling Not Allowed) 105 thoughts on “Paramore Live in Manila 2013”

  1. RENCEKIE says:

    IPON IPON DIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PARAWHORE~

  2. Grey says:


  3. Chrstll says:


  4. Birth month ko yan. Kaya ipon ipon na! :DD

  5. wicca_008 says:

    I will never miss this event!!!

  6. Rachi says:

    I can die happy after seeing Paramore in personal. ~(*o*)~

    All hail Paramore.

  7. grazyah says:

    cant wait!!!

  8. haruko zsechii says:

    cant wait 2 see paramamore…..

  9. Megahn says:


  10. Megahn says:

    PARAHEAD ▌▌▌

  11. Keith says:

    PLEASE ! kelangan ko po ng ticket price asap ! :) . REGALO PARA SA GIRLFRIEND KO :) … PLEASEEEEEEEE !!! di ako nakikinig ng paramore pero para sa kanya pupunta kami ng concert :)

  12. chinaa says:

    if only i can !! huhuhu i wanna see them ! :D

  13. Lipton says:

    Halaa!!! Magkano magkanom tickets?! Oh damnation!!!!

  14. auserendip says:

    I have always loved Paramore so much. Too bad i wasn’t able to attend last time because i was a student back then. Ngayong i have a stable job na, It sucks to realize that by February i will be 6 mos. pregnant. Waaaaa!!! What to do! I luv Paramore. :(((((((

  15. xosj says:

    oh yeah!!! VIP NA THIS TIME!!! :D

  16. isadalawatatlo says:

    Tickets for The Script are nearly sold out, it’s not even a month after it was released. What more if it’s Paramore?

  17. Mara Louise says:

    YES! Makikita ko ulit sila with mewithoutYou!!!!!!! Sana Dec.31 2012 na lang yung ticket sale para may pera ako. hahaha

  18. Jr says:

    Any info on ticket prices?

  19. Megahn says:

    Sana affordable <3

  20. Khy says:

    whoaah ! VIP tickets for me :”>>

  21. ekai says:

    I want to have a VIP ticket.. A holiday gift for my special someone who really loves PARAMORE.. =D

  22. PrinceParamore says:

    kita kits,,mga paramoreHolic ^_^

    kano ticket???

  23. DC says:

    I’m totally gonna buy one or two after I missed last time.

  24. jen says:

    Whoah!!!! ;)
    Excited to see paramore!!! Bday gift to myself ;)

  25. Jalix says:


  26. Megahn says:

    HAHAH. anong oras kya to? :D sana affordable. LOL PARAHEAD :”>

  27. Ehny says:

    My freaking heart stopped after hearing they’re coming back again. My bestfriend and i missed their first concert here. . . But this? I swear to all that rocks (paramore sp) that i will be there. . .watch out for me. . .

  28. Ehny says:

    My freaking heart stopped after hearing they’re coming back again. My bestfriend and i missed their first concert here. . . But this? I swear to all that rocks (paramore sp) that i will be there. . .watch out for me. . .go parawhores

  29. Micah says:

    SM Tickets not posting the ticket prices yet. Petsa na? It’s already December 6 kaya! :|

  30. Megahn says:

    magkano na po? 12:00 pm na

  31. ibjn says:

    yoohoo!! time check: 12:20pm (dec 6,2012) no tix details!!!! :0

  32. Megahn says:

    meet and greet ba ung vip?

  33. sheina says:

    finally babalik na sila dito!!!! 2yrs lang pala nakalipas but it felt like a decade! can’t wait to sing with them again!!! :):)

  34. i just wanted too see my favorite band paramore,
    i wanted too be at their concert i hope my comment will be seen by paramore
    this part of the comment is for the paramore only
    : hey im your number 1 fan im Christian Andrei Cajipo and i wanted to see you guys in personal soo im just wishing that i will have an ticket to go to your concert =)
    and if you guys have time please visit my facebook [email protected] and i will post and tag my guitar solo video’s =)

  35. Yelyah says:

    ..super excited. Finally, I’m gonna see my favorite band. :)))

  36. memeyn says:

    Well… im so excited…ahahahaha

  37. Catskie says:

    Hi is there a meet and greet for Paramore Live in Manila 2013? please please reply asap. thanks!

  38. yes… PARAMORE thank you!! I love PARAMORE

  39. Debby Angeles says:

    OMG!! Di ako nakapanood last time na pumunta sila dito. I wanna watch this!!!!!!!! </3 I hope makapanood ako nito together with my boyfriend. I'm so exciteddddddddddddddd!! :DDD

  40. Charles Canlas says:

    May chance pabang ma move yan? JS Prom kc nmen ng Feb 15. Pano to’? I’m a 4th year high school student and grades namen nakasalalay sa pag attend ng JS . HUHUHU :) Help me. please sana ma move :)

  41. Ron says:

    nice, mkkanood ako ngaun kahit upper box lng, yahoooooooooo

  42. mau says:

    ive seen their first concert!!! it was aswesome!!! now that Josh and Zac is gone, I DONT KNOW im not sure if im coming!!! :((

  43. Lehex says:

    ipon ipon pangarap ko sila makita sa personal dhil idol ko sila eh sana tugtugin nila ang “DECODE” un kaxi ang pinaka favorite song ko ng “paramore”

  44. Xoxh says:

    Haay im so excited..pero di naman kame magkakatabi ni bf. Gen ad lng xa, ako lower box…but id rather be closer to Paramore. Missed their first concert too. Sayang dn dhil wala na si Zac sa banda.

  45. scarlet says:

    Too bad mukhang mauubusan agad ako ng VIP ticket :( I really wanna see them rocking out in person T_T

  46. Kim says:

    San banda dito yung patron standing? naguguluhan lang

  47. Ron says:

    ung s harap mismo ng stage nila

  48. datumarof says:

    i really love PARAMORE but i’m only a student in public school….


    i cant watch not afford….:(
    …. but this is my favorite band ever….

  49. Bea says:

    Is there a meet ad greet? What should i do or how much is it to get a ticket? Omg dksjsdjajxs

  50. twelvezerone says:

    how about backstage passes? :))) I just want to surprise my girlfriend

  51. Jp Tejada says:

    sana may meet and greet… heheheh

  52. 3rd says:

    mewithoutYou is so underrated here in the Philippines. Guys in the states will do anything to see them. Go to watch this concert because of them. Dont really care about Paramore.. hahah

  53. Mae says:

    can’t wait. \m/

  54. Monika says:

    Waaaaah! Uuwi ako ng pinas galing norway sa time na yan kso exact date naman ‘to kung kailan meron kaming js. prom.! Noooooo! Paramore! Hailey!!! Huhuhuhuhuhuhu :((((( Kaya kong bumili nung vip !! Waaaaah! :'(( Pero ung date kase..

  55. marjorie says:

    available pa po bah ang ticket?please reply tnx…

  56. Marco # says:

    Yeah!! hindi nako aatend ng js manonood na lang ako sasabihin ko kay dad! sana payagan ako ni dad hindi na rin muna ako mag papabili ng acoustic guitar may available pa kaya na ticket? :”

  57. Marco # says:

    love you hayley williams :”>

  58. 14marco says:

    love you hayley williams :”>

  59. karen says:

    kahit ako lng mag-isa panonoorin ko to! wooooh

  60. Eve says:

    may available pa bang VIP?

  61. ROn says:

    pun#&%^ bat naun ko lang naisipang bumili hahaha

  62. ludyal says:

    any chance for the meet and greet?

  63. OH YEAH!! Im gonna watch this concert, this is my first time also :”>

  64. Potchie says:

    Birthday present, ticket sa Paramore.
    Yes! ;)

  65. lea says:

    what is vip 2? patron standing n b un? pls reply

  66. TETA says:

    are all tickets already sold out?

  67. TETA says:

    marami pa kayang ticket?


  69. alvin says:

    are the VIP ticket’s sold out?

  70. lee says:

    sold out n po ung vip

  71. MITS says:

    saan po nakakabili ng ticket nito?reply po please…

  72. patrickjenn says:

    hayss sana mapanuod ko sila….

  73. alfalfa says:

    are the gen ad tickets sold out already ??

  74. benjo montemayor says:

    (rock) see yah all!!

  75. yhai says:

    i wanna be there

  76. yhai says:


  77. ELA says:

    waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…i want to see Hayley Williams performing on stage…^____^

  78. shet says:


  79. days says:

    What time will be the concert? Answer please!!!

  80. royce says:

    marry me hayley…..

  81. Adeline says:

    wewwwwwwwwwww! im so freaking excited. hope i could have a pic with hayley. im gonna be stalker-ish just to have one. ^__^ #parawhore

  82. Chai says:

    May ticket pa ba? Anong oras to? Uwaaa. Excited na ko :””>

  83. fermin says:

    sayang wa na pera….badtrip idol ko pa nman…!

  84. denver says:

    astig,,paramore concert,,pnta tayo sa moa, sa feb,15..

  85. Paul says:

    SELLING PARAMORE TICKETS, 2 LOWER BOX A. PM ME FOR THOSE WHO ARE INTERESTED #Paramore #ParamoreLiveInManila2013 #ParaTHrilla #ConcertTickets

  86. isaiah says:

    guys please sino may concert ticket na hindi pupunta please akin nalang dalawa kailangan ko para sa kaibigan ko pleaseeeeeee!!!!!!!bibilin ko nalang kung ayaw nyo:)

  87. PAO# says:

    If only i can watch,, ????? huhuhuhu:(

  88. chan says:

    badtrip i like to watch… but i dont have a money..huhuhuh

  89. p5 says:

    waaaat!!! nalimutan ko na to buti na lang may reminder phone ko! waaaa!! tickeet!

  90. #donna says:

    i wanna see you again .. after 2yrs. ilove you ate haley :)godbless

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