The Bootleg Beatles: Reminiscing the Rockin’ 60’s Music


Being part of Generation X, I was introduced to the great music of the Beatles at a young age. Like as it has been for the rest of the world, their songs have become a part of my life. It was such a treat watching their old videos: John Lennon’s body moving up and down to the beat of each song while playing his guitar strapped high on his chest, left-handed Paul McCartney and right-handed George Harrison sharing the same mic while on guitars, and Ringo Starr’s head bobbing up and down while hitting the drums.

I always wondered, what would it be like to watch them live?

And so, last January 17th, it was a dream come true to watch them live – as the Bootleg Beatles!


At the PICC Plenary Hall, complete with their signature shiny gray suits & ties, the Bootleg Beatles, with members Adam Hastings (as John Lennon), Steven White (as Paul McCartney), Andre Barreau (as George Harrison), and Hugo Degenhardt (as Ringo Starr), gave us a night of reminiscing the music of one of the greatest rock bands in the world.


The plenary hall was filled with excited voices singing together, as the “Fab Four” played Hard Days’ Night, Eight Days a Week, and Do You Want to Know a Secret (with George Harrison as lead singer), She Loves You, and the Beatles’ very first hit in 1962 Love Me Do (with Paul on harmonica). The band continued on with I Wanna Hold Your Hand, I Saw Her Standing There, Help!, Can’t Buy Me Love, I Feel Fine, Day Tripper, Twist and Shout, and Yesterday (Paul as lead singer, with a string duet).


A little trivia on the Bootleg Beatles: they looked and sounded like the real thing, because they really did their homework! They all learned the Beatles’ mannerisms. Steve White even learned how to play the guitar left-handed!


Moving to the next era of the Beatles’ music, the band changed costumes to sing Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, I Get By, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Magical Mystery Tour, and I’m the Walrus.

Their rendition of Penny Lane featured Ms. Annette Brown playing the trumpet.

Andre Barreau sang a soulful While My Guitar Gently Weeps, complete with seamless guitar acoustics.

With their final costume change, the band sang Come Together, Get Back, and Here Comes The Sun (with flute), Obladi Oblada, and Hey Jude. The crowd cheered for an encore, where the group sang Let It Be.



This is the closest I’ll ever get to watching the real Beatles, and I’m glad I was able to watch. To the Bootleg Beatles, may more generations get to watch and enjoy your shows!

Special Thanks to Viva Concerts and RedStone Productions

Written by Kristine Lorenzana
Photos by Glenn Michael Tan


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