PTX: A Breath of Fresh Air

1, 2, 3 chill! Manila just experienced a new type of music as Scott, Mitch, Kirstie, Avi and Kevin of Pentatonix burst onstage to give their fans what they have waited for. Right after the tick of a clock was a moment we don’t want to miss since we kinda feel we’ve waited long enough.

Pentatonix Live in Manila

It was almost strange to see a stage with no instruments or pyrotechnics, this is the band that doesn’t need any introduction, a group that doesn’t need any front act. Just a simple stage, a few well-coordinated lights and five microphones and when they get going, their voices easily fill any venue with power and precision. Right after the show started, fans and non fans understood why they don’t need anything nor anyone because the group was made to be a band on a bond of pitch perfect harmony. So if you ask “What’s our favorite part of their Manila Concert?” we’ll about to give it to you!


We love Queen Bey and this group too! Their Beyonce medley is one of the most loved in any of their YouTube videos and watching them take their unique take on her hits is an absolute fan pleasure! And take note, they’ve never been out of tune.

You know the feeling when the band or artist that you’re rooting for comes down on the stage to make you feel endeared? Yes! PTX came down to get up close with the fans.


Pentatonix originally began with longtime friends Kirstie, Mitch and Scott – then later they added Avi and Kevin. Kevin was already doing his signature beatboxing and cello combination. And if you are not in the venue that night, we are pleased to let you know that he did a good job playing with his cello.

We’ve heard about stories of winners are not really winners, but this group is an exemption to that, they are truly a champion. PTX took a break from singing to tell their story, from winning “The Sing-Off”, to being dropped by their label and to making it big on YouTube. They shared their success story while flashing interesting photos including that funny shot of Avi during their winning moment at “The Sing Off”. The group cheekily shared about their winning moment and getting a label and losing it after which drew a huge sigh from the crowd. They said, it was actually a blessing in disguise that they were dropped from their label for without it, they might not have made it to YouTube, where their fans were waiting to discover them.

pentatonix-concert-2015 pentatonix-big-dome

One lucky fan in the name of Eve had her chance to get a fair share of the stage with the gang. And what would you do if you found Scott Hoying or Avi Kaplan on your lap? Or either one of them is giving you a sexy dance or the whole PTX is giving you a big big hug. This was the exact moment when most of the fans uttered that pitti-ous “that could have been me” line.

A light for PTX. All the songs was beautifully arranged. Avi stepped up and asked everyone to light the Coliseum with their smartphones as he launched into singing “Standing By”.


Early christmas carol. It’s understandble that the venue was packed with raging fans who would like to show their love to the gang, yet they respectfully asked them that they needed to be quiet to fully sing their Christmas tune without microphones, and then everyone complied and we all listened to a goosebumping “That’s Christmas To Me”.

The LSS mode. Hooooo…ooome. The dome was divided as the gang taught us to sing “Going Home”. Mitch took charge of the middle, Kirstie the left side, and Scott the right, teaching everyone a different part of the song until the fans memorized and sang it.


This was a different type of concert i’ve been to. When I always hear fans screaming “we want more” the PTX fans sang in chorus the line Hoooooo…ome and then they went back to give us a fan service encore performance.

Truly, this grammy award winning group we call PENTATONIX is a breath of fresh air. Right after I left the dome, I was smiling and randomly singing that line hooooo…ome as I walked myself home. Two thumbs up for the great team work i have seen.

Special Thanks to MGM Global Entertainment Productions, CCA Entertainment Productions and Midas Promotions

More Photos at Pentatonix Live in Manila Photo Gallery

Written by Cen Bernardo
Photos by Glenn Michael Tan


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