A SCRIPTacular Evening with The Script

In support of their third album #3, Irish rockers The Script performed to a packed show at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on Easter Sunday with more than 14,000 screaming fans.  Mark took the stage and play as the crowd screamed, then on drums, Glen Power. Just when we couldn’t wait anymore, The Voice UK coach, singer-songwriter and The Script frontman, Danny kicked off their 2nd sold out show in Manila with a rap inspired song GOOD OL’ DAYS from their #3 album and followed by WE CRY. It was a good start with incredible amount of energy.

the script live in manila 2013

danny the script manila

An early treat was given to all concert goers when they performed one of their signature songs BREAKEVEN, it was one of the highlights as the entire Big Dome sang the chorus. The band continued with SCIENCE AND FAITH. Like other fans in the venue, I was waiting for “going back to corner when I first saw you…” and then a piano started to hit the first few notes of their breakthrough song THE MAN WHO CAN’T BE MOVED. The first verse was performed by the crowd with a little background music and it was amazing, considering the Big Dome was full house, so imagine how the entire song sounded and felt.

the script at the big dome

the script at smart araneta coliseum

IF YOU COULD SEE ME NOW was the 6th song of the night, a very personal song about the death of his father and Danny stated the difficulty in writing, recording, and performing it live. BEFORE THE WORST, TALK YOU DOWN AND NOTHING filled the middle set. Before the performance of Nothing, Danny asked the audience to drunk dial an ex-BF/GF and give him their mobile phone, suddenly he took a pink phone from a fan in front and started performing NOTHING to the person on the line. Yes, The Script is the only band I know that will drunk dial an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend from one of the crowd and sing to them!

the script concert

the script manila concert 2013

While the securities looked a bit concerned, Danny was totally in his element, purely enjoying the night with dozens of hands reaching out just to touch him. Danny, wearing a Manny Pacquiao jacket, The Script took a picture with some of their crew wearing bunny mascots and a huge crowd at the background for their twitter page.

the script live in manila

They stripped down a little with another heartbreak anthem SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION and a romantic song I’M YOURS. They also performed their hit single FOR THE FIRST TIME which is about their observation in recent times.

the script live at the big dome

YOU WONT FEEL A THING kicked off the encore and followed by Olympic theme song  HALL OF FAME to close out the set. The house lights were still on, and unexpectedly the trio went back on stage and performed their first song of the night Good OL’ DAYS. They sounded good live and you could tell that they had a great time performing in Manila, after the show, the band tweeted “Tonight was the first time we ever went back on and did another encore after the encore!! Ever!! Thanks for a great show everyone!!! 😉 G”

the script manila twitter

As far as transition of the songs, the boys from Dublin did a great job with their set list as mentioned by Glen Power during our interview before the show that fans would hear faster paced songs when needed and slowing it down at just the right time. #3 is very nice album, a little bit edgy and darker, however, considering the title of the tour is “#3 World Tour”, The Script only played 4 songs from it while mixing in songs from their first 2 albums. Nevertheless, they put on a killer show, great interaction with their fans and some amazing vocals set their concert apart from other shows I’ve been to.

the script live in manila

the script live in manila crowd

If You Ever Come Back was part of their set list but they did not perform it.

the script live in manila setlist


Photos and write up by Cen SB


No Ticket Selling in the Comments Section. 2 thoughts on “A SCRIPTacular Evening with The Script”

  1. kat says:

    i was really saddened and almost bitter that they didnt sang if you ever come back.. the concert felt so “bitin” without that song.. but it was still a blast all the same.. good article.. i love the script.. i love danny and im in love with the whole band.. =)

  2. Shayne says:

    I mean Mark. hehe

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