A Classy Evening with Andrea Bocelli


It was a red carpet kind of night, as attendees dressed up in their Sunday best—just like the way they would if they were at a theater.

As the lights dimmed, the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra together with the Ateneo Chamber singers began the overture. As soon as they concluded the opening piece, the audience showed their appreciation, clapping, which became louder as it was evident that the star of the evening, Mr. Andrea Bocelli, was escorted in.

He began the first part of the program serenading the audience with an Italian aria. Soprano Maria Katzarav joined him onstage for a couple of duets. Together, they transformed the solemn MOA Arena into a classical escapade with their powerful voices blending together. The music had them dancing to the waltz at one point.



Just like in proper theater set-up, the audience was only allowed to enter and exit the quiet Arena hall in between songs.

After a twenty-minute intermission, Andrea Bocelli commenced the second half of the show with his songs Maria, Brucia le terra, and The Music of the Night. Flutist Andrea Griminelli and London-based Filipina, Christine Allado joined him on stage during certain songs. Bocelli was a gentleman as he escorted fellow performers on and off stage every time after they finished a song or duet together.



After singing Cheek to Cheek with Christine Allado, Bocelli deviated from his solemn performer stance and added humor to his performance. “Cheek to cheek… like this,” he announced, exemplified his statement and then lifted Christine off the ground, which had the audience in laughter.

Toward the end of his performance, Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli garnered a standing ovation.

At times, it even seemed like he could see the audience’s reactions or his companions on stage with their stage chemistry and his smiling. Between Bocelli’s vocal talent, execution and the overall production of the performance, it was classy way to celebrate an evening with Andrea Bocelli.


Special Thanks to MMI Live

Written by Izzy Matias (daysinwonderland.com)
Photos by Carla Barretto (thegirlattherockshow.com)


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