A Concert Must-Have: LED Wristbands


Concert Challenge #10: How to stand out at a show

A lot of people want to catch the artist’s attention if only for a few minutes (or seconds). With thousands of people flocking to a concert it is hard to achieve this. There are many things that a concertgoer does in order to stand out at a show: wear colorful and striking outfits or costumes, eye-catching headpieces, wave glow sticks or posters, and even throw little souvenirs on stage.

There’s a new way to stand out and be unique with LED wristbands. Naughty Ninja brings you this relatively new technology that lights up with each motion. Another bonus to this must-have item is that there is no need to hold it everywhere you go since it is hanging around your wrist. These motion sensor LED wristbands come in six colors: red, yellow, blue, green, white and pink.

For only Php150, this accessory can be yours. Plus get a chance to win Patron Seats to watch Jason Mraz Live in Manila on May 14, just purchase a minimum of P300.00 worth of Concert LED Wristbands and you will have one (1) electronic raffle entry. Promo until April 27 only!
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LED Wristbands
So illuminate the crowd! Who needs glow sticks when you’ve got your own LED wristband?

Order now at http://multiply.com/naughtyninja or you can email: [email protected]


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