A Concert Must-Have: LED Wristbands


Concert Challenge #10: How to stand out at a show

A lot of people want to catch the artist’s attention if only for a few minutes (or seconds). With thousands of people flocking to a concert it is hard to achieve this. There are many things that a concertgoer does in order to stand out at a show: wear colorful and striking outfits or costumes, eye-catching headpieces, wave glow sticks or posters, and even throw little souvenirs on stage.

There’s a new way to stand out and be unique with LED wristbands. Naughty Ninja brings you this relatively new technology that lights up with each motion. Another bonus to this must-have item is that there is no need to hold it everywhere you go since it is hanging around your wrist. These motion sensor LED wristbands come in six colors: red, yellow, blue, green, white and pink.

For only Php150, this accessory can be yours. Plus get a chance to win Patron Seats to watch Jason Mraz Live in Manila on May 14, just purchase a minimum of P300.00 worth of Concert LED Wristbands and you will have one (1) electronic raffle entry. Promo until April 27 only!
Read Full Mechanics of the Jason Mraz Promo

LED Wristbands
So illuminate the crowd! Who needs glow sticks when you’ve got your own LED wristband?

Order now at http://multiply.com/naughtyninja or you can email: [email protected]


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