The Script in Manila: A Spectacular Sold-Out Crowd


Pinoys were absolutely amazed with The Script. Emotions ran high on a Saturday night live as the band told the over 16,000 strong crowd how much it meant to them to fill the Araneta Coliseum. We can easily see their Irish eyes smiling from the beginning up to the end of the show. Manila was the band’s last tour in Asia in support of their latest record ‘Science And Faith’, last Saturday they played an incredible show to a sold out Manila crowd at the Araneta Coliseum.

They’ve brought refreshingly unique sound which mixes melodic pop-rock with soul and RnB. There were moments when they sound like U2 and Justin Timberlake.

The Script went up onto stage with their first track on their sophomore album ‘You Won’t Feel a Thing’ followed by ‘Talk You Down’,then their first big hit and first ever single, ‘We Cry’ was the third song of the night. The vocals were absolutely amazing during ‘If You Ever Come Back’ and ‘Before The Worst’. Danny’s voice was very impressive. Not only his vocals were absolutely flawless, but the energy of all 3 band members plus the unbelievable spirit of the audience. O’Donoghue dominated the stage and the floor during If You See Kay, he’s running from side to side and often joining the crowd, getting up close and personal with female fans. The band sang and performed wonderfully and kept us entertained in between songs with banter between the members, getting camera and taking pics of the audience and explaining what some of the songs meant when they wrote them. My favorite was their stories during their ‘drunk moments’.

‘Dead Man Walking’ and ‘Science & Faith’ gave us another flavor from the concert. These 2 songs came from Science and Faith. One of the highlights was the all-time favorite ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’ the boys and the audience went high and enjoyed the rapport especially the sing back to the band, they really appreciated a good and honest feedback. At the end of the song we all clapped and Danny was so speechless. The crowd became quiet during the fantastic acoustic version of ‘I’m Yours’. ‘Rusty Halo’ brought us another meaningful song with tempo rock beat. One of the favorite songs of the night ‘For the First Time’ and probably the most euphoric song of the night as everyone was singing along with the band. The Script brought the crowd to a climax with their monster hit ‘Breakeven’

The Script live in Manila was entertaining from start to finish, the atmosphere was unreal with excellent lightings, balanced and amazing sounds, nice set-up of the stage and massive LED screens, it all hung together so well.


THE SCRIPT LIVE IN MANILA was made possible by Dayly Entertainment and ARF Entertainment



No Ticket Selling in the Comments Section. 7 thoughts on “The Script in Manila: A Spectacular Sold-Out Crowd”

  1. Nills says:

    Cool review. Thank you. It was really a spectacular night. I wish it could happen all over again. 🙂

  2. maya says:

    this gives me goosebumps. i effin love the show!
    i had a great time. WE had a great time!
    The Script = ♥

  3. hey says:

    just a suggestion.. try putting in more photos along with the article. thank you.

  4. JeffZ says:

    It was indeed spectacular.. I just have to be honest with one thing, Danny’s voice was not in good shape.. But it’s easy to understand, they’ve been on the road almost everyday and getting into different countries for their tour. Despite that, he was able to pull it off, hands down to him.. 🙂

    HOWEVER, they still brought the BIG DOME down!.. All their Pinoy Fans loved every song they performed on stage..

  5. Chiq says:

    Yeah there were a lot of times that Danny was pitchy.. nevertheless the show was awesome!

  6. Eastmile says:

    be one of us… hope u’ll dont deny that u are… :))

  7. aish says:

    yes. It was awesome. 🙂 i had a great night and i wish they would come back soon. 🙂

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