Pet Shop Boys Electrify the Big Dome

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“Electric” as their latest album and tour is called and Pet Shop Boys live up to their title. Last Tuesday, August 6, the Big Dome was transcended to the era of 80s synthpop as Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe performed their latest tracks and some of their biggest hits for the first time ever in Manila.

The audience was mainly composed of people who grew up listening to the duo, people who were in their 30s and above. Some of them even brought their kids. There were also a great number of youngsters who were curious about the famous electronic pop duo. All of them were up for a huge surprise.


The evening was one huge visual feast which featured a stunning display of lights along with a grand theater-like choreography. Throughout the concert, there were several set and outfit changes that happened according to the theme of the song. There was the stuffy hedgehog-like costume in “One More Chance/Face Like That”, the metal horn headgear during “I Wouldn’t Normally Do this Kind of Thing”, the light-bending discoball headgear during “Leaving” and the neon orange tracksuits in “Domino Dancing”. All the while, Chris Lowe kept his signature shades and cap on along with his usual expressionless face. To add to the fun, there stage was extravagantly designed with multitudes of colorful strobe lights, elaborately animated video clips/images and sophisticatedly choreographed dance segments. Really, all these elements mashed up together to provide one great show.



Without doubt, the highlight of the concert was when the entire Dome was completely in darkness for a moment after “Miracles” and Neil Tennant’s high-pitched voice heralded the much awaited set saying “Manila, here we go!” When the lights were on again, the tones of “It’s A Sin” and the crowd were on their feet. It was such an electrifying scene to see how the crowd celebrated at that moment. It was during that set that the two played their much awaited signature hits such as “Domino Dancing”, “Go West” and “Always on My Mind”. For their encore, they played “West End Girls” and “Vocal. Neil Tennant was very appreciative of the crowd. At the end of the concert, he said, “Salamat! It’s very exciting to come to a new city, a new country for the first time. Thank you very much for making us feel so welcome here tonight in Manila!”


Pet Shop Boys put on a cool show, one of the coolest I’ve seen, to be honest. The concert is also in my top list in terms of extravagance.  All the theatrics and the effects greatly contributed to provide one unforgettable show.  All the elements were uniquely put together in such a way that even now, I remember how the stage of “Love Etc.”, “Rent” and “Thursday” looked like, among all the other songs. Pet Shop Boys’ music, though way past my generation, is really catchy. It was an honor to have been a part of such a ground-breaking concert


Special thanks to Ovation Productions!

by Sandra Mae Laureano

Pet Shop Boys Live in Manila Setlist

  1. Axis
  2. One More Chance / Face Like That
  3. Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)
  4. Memory of the Future
  5. Fugitive
  6. Integral
  7. The Rite Of Spring
  8. I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind of Thing
  9. Suburbia
  10. I’m Not Scared
  11. Fluorescent
  12. Last to Die (Bruce Springsteen cover)
  13. Somewhere (Leonard Bernstein cover)
  14. Leaving
  15. Thursday
  16. Love Etc.
  17. I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too)
  18. Rent
  19. Miracles
  20. It’s a Sin
  21. Domino Dancing
  22. Go West (Village People cover)
  23. Always on My Mind (Brenda Lee cover)


  1. West End Girls
  2. Vocal


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