Manila’s Moment of Clarity


It is not uncommon for typhoons to strike the Philippines what with its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. What’s offbeat is when Typhoon Yolanda catapulted into the country breaking scientific records, and labeling it as the most powerful tropical storm in history. A month later, the nation is still picking up the pieces and affected areas are trying to regain a state of normality.

With remnants of the tragedy still in our midst, efforts of support are still pouring in. Zedd’s Moment of Clarity tour is no exception to this as he announced to the world that all profits from the show would be donated to Yolanda victims. What’s more, on the day of the concert, he broadcasted more good news: for every box of canned goods donated at the venue, a free ticket would be given away. He inspired fans to be generous; in his words, “Charity is clarity.”

Anton Zaslavski aka Zedd is no newcomer to the country. His first stint was with the Pop Monster, Lady Gaga, opening for her Born This Way Ball in May 2012. Earlier this year, he surprised those celebrating Labor Day in Boracay when he played at Club Paraw. His third visit marked another milestone, as December 12, 2013 was his first headliner show. Special guest Hugo Leclercq more known as Madeon is another talented European music producer who shared the stage with him.

By the time the doors opened at half-past ten, the line had extended as far as both ends of the SMX convention center. Throngs of people made their way inside the concert halls and were greeted with tunes spun by a guest DJ. He kept the crowd entertained as more people arrived and filled up the venue.

An hour before midnight, the stage had cleared for Madeon. At such a young age, this European electronic musician showcased much expertise. Judging by the quality of songs he produces, you wouldn’t have guessed that he is only nineteen. The French nineteen year old definitely knows how to hype up a crowd and give one heck of a show. Included in his set list were tracks such as Technicolor, This City and The Killer’s When You Were Young.


When the clock struck twelve, Madeon finished his set. The crowd’s suspense was put to an end as notes of Shave It Up filled the air. A flash of white engulfed the stage and revealed the conductor who was to lead the orchestra of people ready to live up the night. Zedd had taken his place at center stage. The screen as well as his turntable turned into a fiery red ball. As the melody transitioned, the all too familiar lyrics, “We’ll run where lights won’t chase us..” blared through the speakers, the crowd started singing.

As the beat intensified, lights pulsated, and an intricate font sprawled on screen to reveal Zaslavski’s stage name. To mix up and spice up his set, he played remixes of songs from other EDM artists, but a Zedd show is never complete without his original tracks. As soon as the prelude of crowd favorite songs — Clarity and Stay the Night, for instance — would be heard, the crowd’s energy and vocal power intensified.


Zedd is a true virtuoso. Stemming from his classical roots and heavy metal band phase, the now electronic music producer challenges himself further by playing remixes of his songs during his shows.

As the show was approaching its close, Zedd played Spectrum once more, which was followed by a mash up of Lost at Sea. It was only fitting that he concluded his set with a remix of Empire of the Sun’s Alive, a mirror of the crowd’s emotions at that very moment.

Though the wait was long, revelers will agree that the rave was nothing short of spectacular. Glow sticks were bouncing in the air, and bodies were jumping and dancing. The production comprised stunning pyrotechnics both in the visual and musical sense. At times, the whole venue was vibrating. Where lyrics were absent, there were echoes of people singing the beat of songs.

A huge thank you to GLOBE TELECOM for bringing Zedd’s Moment of Clarity Tour to Manila! It was a surefire hit!

Written by Isabel R. Matias


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