Fantastic night with Big Bang

Big Bang Live at Mall of Asia Arena

It seems like a long time ago since Big Bang played out their first concert in Manila as part of their Alive world tour. The turnout of the show was amazing at MOA Arena, Filipino fans, known as VIPs must be one of the most supportive fan clubs I’ve ever seen. Dedicated VIPs, started lining up as early as 12PM for the second concert of Big Bang with light sticks, customized shirts, bracelets and even tattoos on their faces. After nearly three years of waiting, it was worth seeing a new level of G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri. I noticed a huge difference from Big Bang’s Alive Tour in Manila. Back then they did not interact too much with their fans, during Made tour in Manila, they effortlessly talked to their fans in English without help from an interpreter.

The anticipation inside the arena was palpable as everyone waited for the concert to start, all sang along to their music videos on screen. It was full of people holding banners with the group and members’ names on, plus their signature crown headband. The crowd was definitely alive and ready to see the group. They also showed do’s and don’ts during and after the show for the safety of concert goers. There were two stages set, one in front of VIP seated and one in front of VIP dance area plus 2 moving platforms on both sides of the arena. I was amazed when the ramp crossed to us, that setup was never done before in any concert setting in Manila, without a question, one of the best and biggest productions from Pulp Live World.




As the lights went down and the screams became deafening, we were greeted with a breath-taking intro on the huge LED screen. A sea of crown shaped light sticks were raised. Big Bang entered the stage and kicked off the show with one of their newest single, Bang Bang Bang. They’re renowned for catchy songs and unique style. Some of the songs they performed were acoustic versions of their hit songs Blue and Lies, and songs from their new album MADE. They carried on and transitioned effortlessly through their set list. They gave their all into their performances and it was amazing to be able to see Big Bang’s humor because they can now interact in English. GD, a true leader, one of the best rapper/songwriter. T.O.P has the most powerful stage presence and can make the crowd cringe with just a Hi or Kyaaah. Though he does not move much but that’s just him being T.O.P. I noticed that he was also constantly looking up to the upper box and general admission sections making sure all fans felt the love. Taeyang swept off the crowd with his smooth dance moves and powerful voice. Daesung is the total opposite of T.O.P. he’s like a wind up toy and the clown of the group, he also showed off that he is a good drummer as well. The youngest and most hilarious member, Seungri, did one of the craziest and unexpected performance when he sang the “pabebe” version of Gwiyomi. Seungri also mentioned that he wants to stay in the Philippines. Playful Taeyang teased VIP Filipinos that they will leave Seungri as a gift which made the crowd scream at the top of their lungs. They made fun of each other on stage, threw some jokes and surprised fans with wacky dance moves on stage. Their energy was infectious.




Unlike other K-pop groups, Big Bang doesn’t dance much but I was vocally impressed with this group. I did not expect that all the members of BIGBANG can sing beautifully. I was not aware that G-Dragon can rap as good as other popular rappers. Normally, in Kpop groups you can find only 1 or 2 members who can actually sing well. I did really feel for all of the member’s artistry. Th

ey gave us phenomenal performances that made them stand out as individual artists. It was good to know that they set up a B-Stage. It was a worth seeing concert because aside from the set and the performance, the effects were truly wonderful.

The second half of the concert featured solo performances from Taeyang’s Eyes Nose Lips, T.O.P’s Doom dada and an awesome collaboration such as Good Boy by Taeyang and G-Dragon. Confettis all over when they performed We Like to Party and their most popular song, Fantastic Baby, the fans joined in and sang the song word for word making the atmosphere around so electrifying. Bigbang ended the night with their songs Hands Up and another Bang Bang Bang for their re-encore.




I did not notice a fan service but they made sure that everyone from General Admission down to VIP dance section could see everything all at once. I loved the wonderful feeling of hearing Filipino VIPs singing Korean lyrics and the ocean of yellow lights moving to the music. It was totally unreal.


Overall, BigBang Made in Manila Tour was totally worth it. The overall atmosphere of the night was amazing. An impressive concert from start to finish, a polished and heavy production that I haven’t seen from anyone in this genre. The light show was excellent with superb sound. The Kings of Kpop made a lot of effort to interact directly with their Filipino fans. The security team worked very hard to ensure that everyone was safe. They definitely gave a lot of value for Pulp Royalty ticket holders, send-off access, goodie bags, soundcheck access, the best spots, and almost 3 hours of live music. Things got really emotional towards the end of the night as many of the fans got teary eyed. This has been one of my favourite Kpop concerts in Manila and we hope they’ll come back soon!


Special thanks to Pulp Lived World for making this show possible!

Written by Jam Alonto
Photos by Cent Bernardo

Big Bang Live in Manila Setlist
Intro Video
Bang Bang Bang
Stupid Liar
Haru Haru
How Gee
Bad Boy
Strong Baby
Let's Talk About Love
Doom Dada
Good Boy
Bae Bae
Fantastic Baby
We Like 2 Party
Hands Up
Re- Encore
Bang Bang Bang


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