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Close Up Invites You to Forever Summer

The rave continues. This year, revelers are given the unique opportunity to create their own party. With more than half a million votes, Close Up gives them full control on the direction of this year’s biggest summer party.

Summer Solstice was just the beginning. Close Up Forever Summer is set to create another tidal wave and give revelers one heck of a great time. They leveraged on the power of social media to source crowd participation. Choices were presented. Votes cast. The crowd spoke.

Close Up Forever Summer presents EDM acts leading an outdoor beach party. Whether a student or a working professional, what better way to kick off the season of the sun than with the freshest party in the Metro? No need to leave the comforts of the Metro or travel far to enjoy a summer beach get-away. Close Up brings the party to you.

Expect one great night with the following EDM acts:

Local: Ace Ramos, Mars Miranda, Martin Pulgar, and Marc Naval

International: Helena, Deniz Koyu and Alesso
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Close Up Forever Summer 2014

Close Up Forever Summer on April 5, 2014 at the Globe Circuit Events Ground! Featuring Alesso, Deniz Koyu, Helena, Ace Ramos, Mars Miranda, Martin Pulgar, Marc Naval!

Close Up Forever Summer 2014

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ABRA 2013 Concert


ABRA 2013 Grand Concert on Saturday, August 17, 2013, 8pm at the Globe Circuit Events Ground, Circuit Makati

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Escape to Wanderland


In an era where there is a swift turnover of things, it is easy to get lost in the blur of the fast-paced life. Take a step back, slow things down, and enjoy the music with Wanderland Festival. This is exactly what attendees were able to do last May 18, 2013.

Globe Circuit Grounds proved to be the perfect environment for an event such as this. Surrounding the area were food and merchandise booths as well as food trucks. Brands present were Captain Morgan, Oishi, PLDT, RayBan, Keds, Bauhaus, Roxy, DC, Quiksilver, Olukai, SneakPeek, Havainas, Bobble, Magnum, Nestle, Gap, Monster Energy Drink, and MTV Asia.


The atmosphere was very relaxed. Mats, cloths, and towels were on the grass as people lay down as they watched the performances. The stage was a spectacle, an artistic monument, with its unconventional design. Its canopy roof aesthetically attractive against the skyline, adding to that laid back vibe that the festival had. Other features included an inflatable slide, a Velcro wall, and a joust area. Nearby were blank blocks of wood where artists such as Anjo Bolarda x Martojaks, Secret Fresh and Thursday Room had done their live art as the program went on.
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Circuit Fest Music & Skate Festival


Circuit Fest on May 25, 2013 at Globe Circuit Events Ground. Come and play! Music & Skate! by Music Management International (MMI)

-Mayday Parade
-We Are The In Crowd
-The Downtown Fiction
-This Century
-Allstar Weekend
-A+ Dropouts
-Before You Exit
-Megan Nicole

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Manila to find a musical playground at Karpos Wanderland


The past couple of weeks set the local concert scene all abuzz as rising production house Karpos Multimedia released the announcement of a mysterious new music festival whose headliners had remained a secret to fans for days after.

Announcement day proved to be worth the wait as the organizers released a lineup of explosive proportions, making Karpos Wanderland the first music festival of its kind in Manila. The roster of international indie artists and colorful local acts paints a promising picture that will be for all to see on May 18th at the Globe Circuit Event Grounds.

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