“Can’t Stop”: CNBLUE at the Big Dome tonight


It has only been a year since they visited Manila, but it seems the boys of CNBLUE have gone a long way. As their title of their new album implies, the band is on a roll, and they “Can’t Stop” now. With Jung Yonghwa (leader/vocalist/guitarist), Lee Jonghyun (vocalist and lead guitarist), Lee Jungshin (bass guitar) and Kang Minghyuk (drums), the band has become one of the most prominent acts in the K-pop industry and even in the entertainment scene. Each one of them has appeared in top-rated, internationally renowed dramas and variety shows over the year. After wrapping up their successful Blue Moon World Tour on January, CNBLUE is again on another one tour to promote their latest Korean album. They are slated to have the Manila leg of the tour tonight at the Big Dome.

A few hours after their arrival in Manila, the band proceeded to hold their press conference with the Filipino media along with a number of selected fans at Marco Polo Hotel. Despite being one of the biggest Korean bands, the members appeared to be shy and aloof in person. They were slightly awkward in their mannerisms, but they came prepared, equipping themselves with a handful of Filipino words.

Upon their entrance, Yonghwa immediately proceeded with to greet the crowd with “Magandang hapon!” The band’s introduction was also in Filipino, each member pronouncing the words clearly. A resounding “salamat” and “mahal kita” from the band members was also heard right before they took their seats.

Here’s a quick rundown of CNBLUE’s press conference:

What is their favorite song from the albums they have released?

Jungshin: “I love all our songs, but I like the ones in “Can’t Stop” best.”

Jonghyun:”Oetoriya/‘I’m A Loner’”

Yonghwa: “ I’m Sorry’, because it energizes the crowd whenever we play it live.”

Minhyuk: “Lady – it’s an interesting song because whenever I hear or play it, there’s always something new.”


Who are the musicians they want to perform with?

Minhyuk states that he’s close to Nell (a Korean band), addressing them as their sunbae/seniors. One day, he hopes to share the stage with them.

Jungshin gave an ambitious answer: Jon Bon Jovi, adding that he has admired him from long ago, and hopes that when Bon Jovi goes to Korea, he would get the chance to perform with him

Jonghyun gave an unexpected reply as he expressed his sentiment to perform with hiphop artists Dok-I and Double K again.

Following Jonghyun’s train of thought, Yonghwa stated that he wanted to work with YDG also known as Yang Dong Geun, another Korean hiphop artist.

What are the challenges of having an Asian tour?

Yonghwa: “I don’t see it as a challenge. I find it interesting and energizing to be playing this concert. I’m hoping the fans will enjoy the concert.”


What would be their unforgettable experience in Manila?

Jungshin cited their press conference last year which was held in a shopping mall. He stated that he was surprised by the number of people who came to see them. Minhyuk added that their concert last year was memorable.

What are the Filipino dishes that they want to try?

Yonghwa was particular about this one. He immediately answered, “Jollibee”, a popular fast food chain in the Philippines known for their Chicken Joy. He said he wanted them to eat Jollibee for dinner.

Minhyuk, on the other hand, wanted to visit the big aquarium, possibly referring to Manila Ocean Park. Meanwhile, Jonghyun is on the adventurous side: he hopes to go diving during their stay.


More CNBLUE facts?

Yonghwa is flexible in the process of composing song. Depending on the mood, sometimes the melody comes before the lyrics, while there are also times that it goes the other way around. The important thing to him, however, is to interact with people in order to draw inspiration for his compositions.

Jonghyun, who is known for composing ballads, reveals his unconventional method: When he’s feeling down, that’s when he tries writing upbeat songs. When he’s happy, he tries to write sad songs.

Jungshin is currently interested in photography. He loves taking photos of daily life and his pet dog.
Currently, the band has no plans of making a new album yet. However, if they release a new one, they wish to visit the Philippines again.


Lastly, their message to their Filipino fans:

Yonghwa said it well (and with an extra piece of unsolicited advertisement): “Let’s have fun at the concert and have Jollibee for dinner tonight!”


CNBLUE is excited to take on the Manila stage for the second time. Watch as the Big Dome turns to a sea of blue and hear the band’s new rocking music tonight. Don’t miss CNBLUE’s Can’t Stop concert here.

Photos and Words by Sandra Mae Laureano


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