For Your Entertainment: Real or Magic?

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The world’s most popular magician, David Blaine closed his Asia Tour in Manila with a record-breaking stunt and a series of mind blowing magic tricks at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. We were able to witness the magic right before our eyes as he differentiated the lines between real and magic.

Save the best for last, we knew that we’re definitely in for a great treat but David Blaine was amazed on the reaction of Filipino fans; he even said “you’re the best audience in Asia.” From start up to the very end, we were on the edge of our seats!

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He kicked off the show by drinking bottled waters on stage and with about 2.5 – 3 liters of water in his stomach. Blaine started to put kerosene in his mouth to blow a fire. The jaw-dropping moment was when he vomited all the water out with a massive force and good enough to end up the burning letters with his initials. After that he started another trick by inviting people to show his old school magic cards. Some magicians are sworn not to reveal their magic, but Blaine showed how he did in a blink of our eyes.

Another brilliant part of the show was when he picked a fan to go on stage to randomly select 1 out of 2000 pieces of world map puzzle.

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For his next trick, he joined the audience again and suddenly picked a doctor. Her husband and daughter accompanied the doctor to go on stage. Blaine put an ice pick through his hand without a single drop of blood or showing any signs of pain. So how did David Blaine push a needle through his arm? Only David Blaine knows, the most important thing is that no one should attempt to copy this stunt as there are many things that could go wrong including paralysis and even death.

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A death-defying attempt, Blaine tried to break his personal record and submerged him in a container filled with water, which was placed among the seats in the coliseum rather than on the stage. Audience had the chance to see him up close as he was holding his breath, and one lucky fan was invited to get into the tank to join him but she lasted for about a minute. Blaine stayed underwater for 10 minutes and 29 seconds without a machine to hold his breath or any source of air, a record for his entire tour.

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As he walked towards the stage, out of breath and with the support of his safety team, Blaine still took the time to thank all the fans who gave time to see him live before bidding them goodbye.

Written by Aby Sabas
Photos by Cent Sulit

Special thanks to Ovation Productions


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