The Tycho Experience in Manila

Scott Hansen’s musical project and pseudonym, Tycho, has evolved over the years since its inception. His project is a creative play that pulls artists and aficionados alike into a dreamy state. Having first entered the creative sphere through his graphic design alias, ISO50, he later on discovered unchartered territories when he began experimenting with musical production. Four albums under his belt, and now touring with three band mates—Zac Brown, Rory O’Connor and Joe Davancens—Tycho finally landed in the sunny shores of Manila for an artistic feast.

Tycho Live at Solaire Resort

Similarobjects was a fitting opening act for Tycho. His mixes were in line with the musical theme of the show—a reflective electronic state. The mood was set with dim lighting against a foggy stage. A technical glitch did not faze Jorge of Similar Objects. He replaced the silence by welcoming the attendees to the Awake tour, and explaining that his software had left him hanging. During this short pause, shouts of appreciation echoed around the Solaire Theater. A quick wait and Similar Objects was back in the zone performing original mixes.

After Similar Objects wrapped up his set, the crowd was eager to welcome Tycho. As soon as the lights had gone out again, people cheered. The familiar sun logo appeared on the large screen behind the instruments causing louder cheers. The visual feast had started.

Known for injecting nature into his music, animal sounds manifested before the sun logo rose and set behind ice glaciers until it faded. The boys of Tycho walked out, assuming their positions as part of the show.

Tycho live in manila

“Thank you so much,” Scott began. A brave voice from the audience professed their love, and he responded with the same. “This is the perfect ending to a very long tour.”

Less than ten minutes into the show, people left their seats and began to clump towards the stage. They wanted to experience Tycho by giving themselves fully to the music. One girl had even gone on stage to dance. As security tried to get her down the stage, the crowd burst into let-her-stay chants. After they successfully brought her down, more security surrounded the area.

Melodic landscapes paired with visual highlights overtook the Solaire Theater, and had the crowd hypnotized by the musical adventure. There were people off in their own worlds, drinking in the experience: nodding, bobbing about and dancing with their own moves.

Tycho Manila Concert

Tycho at Solaire Resort

“This has been an enjoyable evening. We have one more song for you,” Scott announced before the band departed from the stage leaving the backdrop flashing with their sun logo.

The lights had not gone back up, and the crowd, in denial of the show’s closure, began to clap with an increasing tempo alongside shouting and whistling that transitioned into the ‘we-want-more’ repetitive.

Heeding to the rallying crowd, Scott walked back out, flustered by the reception for an encore. “Thank you guys. It’s too much. It’s honestly been a dream come true. I really appreciate you guys having us.”

Together with the continuous graphics projecting on screen and ambient swells, The Tycho Experience that washed through Manila can be appropriately summed up along these lines: a minimalist artistic feast.

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Special Thanks to Random Minds Productions!

Written by Isabel Matias
Photos by Peter Tolibas

Izzy Matias is an avid concertgoer with a penchant for the arts. Though she is soon completing a business degree, she immerses herself in the creative world: music, fine arts, literature and photography.

Follow Izzy on Twitter @izzmatias


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