One Great Step at The Big Dome


Infinite Live in Manila

2013 Infinite 1st World Tour One Great Step is the first world tour of South Korean boy band Infinite. It was launched in support of their 2013 EP and Single album; New Challenge and Destiny. November 3, 2013, Manila experienced one of a kind step from INFINITE at the SMART ARANETA COLISEUM.

One Great Step Tour Manila

Almost 4 years since INFINITE debuted on the KPOP scene, the septet group finally performed their solo show in Manila. INFINITE has come to Manila twice, one for DKFC, and this one is for their solo concert. It’s so impressive how much English and tagalog words the band used for the entire show. Hoya told the crowd, “We miss you” while Woohyun addressed their fanbase name, Inspirit, saying “Inspirit, mahal ko kayo”

Infinite live at the Big Dome

Infinite kicked-off their set with “Destiny,” and followed by “Tic Toc.” Fans went wild, pushing one another towards the stage, ignoring those being smashed in the front as the band continued their set with “Paradise” and “Wings”. I easily noticed their well choreographed performance during the first set. I can see how they prepared for this tour in order to give us a spectacular show that will last forever! They also performed Paradise then introduced themselves to the crowd. It was surreal experience to see your bias speaking in your language. All of them tried their best to show their love to us.

Infinite Live at the Smart Araneta Coliseum

After introductions, they continued and performed “Wings” and walked around the stage. While the boys were doing top notch choreography, Filipino Inspirits were screaming so much because of overwhelming excitement of seeing Infinite live. Dozens of fans began shouting the names of their bias and rooting for their solo performances. To show their appreciation, they threw the signed paper planes and teddy bear.  Woohyun took the spotlight during his performance with his self-written song “Beautiful.”

Infinite Manila Concert

Infinite also touched their greatest hits and during “Cover Girl” and “Be Mine” the boys showed one of the best fan interactions I’ve ever seen during a live show. They walked around the extended stage, eye contact with their fans, non-stop waves, pose for pictures and even took selfies using phones of their fans and boys still found safe ways to interact with their crowd.

The boys nailed their performance with strong vocals and amazing choreography. INFINITE ended the show giving messages and credits to their fans for their current position, the boys talked about the unforgettable memories they all made that night adding up that they can accomplish anything as long as the fans are there to support them. Hoya thanked the fans for making Infinite’s One Great Step possible and for making them feel that they can be loved even outside their home South Koera. Well to what I witnessed, they are massively supported, and fenced by their very own Filipino Inspirit. The show was filled with impressive enthusiasm to both concert goers and the performers as Infinite walked everywhere and to every corner of the stage giving their fans one of a kind concert experience. INFINITE filled the show with keen interest, and a heart to look forward to their next visit.

by Ann Doria

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