Nothing but Love for Christina Grimmie

Christina Grimmie was moved to tears from the massive love that she felt during her first show in the country. Filipino Frands, as her fans are called, have been a strong force of support from the beginning. Seeing this support through her recent mall tour in the country filled her with an overwhelming sense of gratitude.


Her tour kicked off at the Alabang Town Center with the second show three hours later at Glorietta. The third and final show was held the following day at Trinoma. During her show at the Alabang Town Center last October 4, 2014, Christina expressed how she had been longing to visit the Philippines because of her Filipino fans.

Dressed in an all-black ensemble, she emerged for the first time on Philippine stage after a snippet of her latest single, Must Be Love, was played on screen. The activity center was ringing with screams and shouts, an expression of love, no doubt. Opening her set was her song, Tell My Mama.

The stage was simple. Aside from the curtain-like backdrop, playfully lit throughout the show, and huge screen, the only thing on stage was a piano. As soon as Christina stepped on stage, she carried the whole show with her. She was a fireball of energy with a spectacular voice.


Christina asked her fans to help sing Absolutely Final Goodbye. She told them to sing the word ‘goodbye’ as loud as they could. Each time the crowd sang goodbye, their voices resonated throughout the mall. Christina proclaimed that the crowd was louder than the time she had gone on tour with Selena Gomez, and performed in an arena.

She then sang a song that she introduced as something people may have heard her sing from The Voice: Wrecking Ball. She showcased the amazing vocal range and talent that she is known for.

After dancing, fist pumping, and maximizing the stage, Christina sat by the piano and serenaded the audience. She did a cover song, which was Drake’s Hold On, a song she said she had an idea with for one of her performances on The Voice.

Christina spoke to her fans as if she was talking to her close friends. She asked, “Were you in a relationship and that person just lied and lied? Sing this to whoever broke your heart.” She then launched into playing a medley of Liar Liar and Titanium. It was such a seamless transition that it was a surprise when she admitted that the mash-up was a decision she made on the spot.

Christina was dedicating her next song to her Frands when she burst into tears overwhelmed by the love and support from her Filipino fans. She covered her face with her hands, but the screaming only got louder.


As she composed herself and sat behind the piano, a man came rushing up on stage and handed her a box of tissues. This triggered her to laugh. The song dedicated to her loyal supporters was none other than With Love.

Her heart-felt ballad was followed by an upbeat song called Feelin’ Good. The show came to a full circle as Christina concluded her set with Must Be Love. Still awed by her fans, she spent a few seconds observing the crowd, like she was trying to capture the moment in a time capsule, not wanting the moment to end.

Filipino Frands will agree when I say that in all three shows — and during her stay in the Philippines — Christina was welcomed with nothing but love!

Written By Isabel Matias
Photos by Carla Barretto

Christina Grimmie Setlist at the Alabang Town Center:
-Tell My Mama
-Over Overthinking You
-Absolutely Final Goodbye
-Wrecking Ball (cover)
-Hold On (cover)
-Liar Liar
-With Love
-Feelin’ Good
-Must Be Love

Izzy Matias is an avid concertgoer with a penchant for the arts. Though she is soon completing a business degree, she immerses herself in the creative world: music, fine arts, literature and photography.

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Carla Barretto is a busy bee that eats, sleeps, and breathes concerts. When she’s not shooting shows, she’s planning them herself! Her production and multimedia backgrounds blend into this peculiar mademoiselle with a love for live music.

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