Incubus Rocked The Big Dome

July 28, 2011 Thursday, Smart-Araneta Coliseum was packed. The sold out show also featured a set from the band Franco and they started the show right on track to warm up the audience. It took over 20 minutes before Incubus hit the stage and it was worth the wait.

The lights dimmed and the band step off the stage, mobile phones lit up the venue, the crowd began to scream, and Incubus’ amazing show began. They started their set with the very energetic and one of the favorites Megalomaniac followed by one of their biggest hits Wish You Were Here. During their opening song we noticed that Mike was having trouble with his guitar and we’re surprised when he smashed the guitar but he managed to comeback immediately using another one. Members of the crowd are jumping, screaming, singing and head-banging as well The combined energy of the songs, the band and the audience was undeniably great. They continued with their known crowd-pleasers like Consequence, Pardon Me, Anna Molly and Love Hurts. Incubus has unforgettable stage presence, Brandon’s interaction with the audience was entertaining, they kept talking to the crowd, bantering and keeping it fun. Circles and Look Alive were the 7th and 8th song and Boyd’s voice was still rocking out. The 9th song Promises, Promises is from their latest album If Not Now, When. A mellow track and it’s really nice to hear a different sound from them between all their hits on the set list. The new song, left me with an impression of a more serious and focused Incubus. They also sang The Warmth and one of their most popular tracks Drive both from their 3rd album Make Yourself.  New songs Isadore and Adolescent were also included on the set list. The 20-year old band has never been afraid to experiment, and it paid off. Unexpectedly they performed Glass and my personal favorite Talk Shows On Mute. They also captivated the audience with their 17th song Crow.

They left the stage for about 2-3 minutes and performed 3 encore songs including I Miss You, In the Company Of Wolves and ending the night with Nice To Know You. Needless to say, they hit a home run with their last song. Brandon’s voice didn’t change until their encore performance. From start to finish the concert was mind blowing. The lights and setup were little bit dim but the sound quality was good and the security was tight. Without a question, the crowd enjoyed them and even gave a standing ovation once the set was complete. They left a crowd of thousands cheering and wanting more. 

Incubus live in Manila 2011:  If Not Now, When World Tour was brought to us by Ovation Productions

By: Cen Sulit


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