Gary V in Our Hearts


We have known him as Mr. Pure Energy, A singer, composer, a son, a dad, a brother a “tito” to aspirant singers, an ambassador, a husband, follower of Christ and last October 30 &  31 he showed another side of him… A Gary like no other.

Edgardo Jose “Gary” Santiago Valenciano made it clear, after so many tittles that we can tag him along, he also is a believer. He believed about every talented individuals must be given an equal opportunity to be heard. Bullet Dumas, Carla Guevara-Laforteza, Jannice Javier, Jimmy Javier, Katrina Velarde, Lara Maigue, Maki Ricafort, Mitoy Yonting, Monique Lualhati, Timmy Pavino and RJ Dela Fuente were lucky to be part of this year’s Gary V presents.



We were surprised he opened the show with our National anthem. Not all shows we attended to, give focus to our national hymn before they even start the event. This one was exceptional. Sir Gary opened the show with “Shout for joy”, followed by an upbeat “Look in her eyes” together with the artist he was presenting and Maneuvers Ignite.

To our understanding, the show presented talents that we need to see, music that we need to hear, and dreams we need to unfold. While we have seen and heard these names through different talent competitions on national TV, Sir Gary chose them to delineate each genre that they represent. The prod of Katrina, Monique and Lara with “How did you know” was ultimately jaw-dropping, adding up Monique showcasing her vocals by doing “Spain” with the man himself, Sir Gary was very commendable. 



As we thought the night was over, some fans already left their seats and Sir Gary went back to showcase once again his moves and we ended up dancing our feet to Earth, Wind and Fire’s “Let’s Groove” melted our hearts to “How Did You Know” and we felt more delighted, gratified and thrilled when he did “ Galing ng Pilipino” it was us!


Jimmy and Carla Guevara-Laforteza also had the equal opportunity who ace their theater-like prod with “Could You Be Messiah”. We can’t stop ourselves realizing how good it was to hear this song live.  Hopefully there will be a musical featuring Gary V’s music. We will pray together with his loyal supporters to make this possible one day, because for sure it will be worth it, the beat and the rhythm of Gary V songs all in one stage, what do you guys think about that?

The boys, RJ, Timmy joined by Monique and Kat graced the audience by doing “Letting Go” and Mitoy with Mr. Pure Energy himself did the highest range to date of “Natutulog Ba ang Diyos” followed by a frolicking “Hataw Na” rendition from Janice and Sir Gary.

My favorites part of the show and actually does count to every show we cover is when an artist show gratitude to the people behind every great show, and that night was Sir Mon Faustino. Sir Gary did a drama medley with Maki and Kat counting to songs while the man was on keyboard doing “Each Passing Night”,” Reaching Out”, “Narito”, ending with “Sana Maulit Muli”. And since the artist mostly are from amateur to “pro” singing contest, Sir Gary prepare a Jackson Battle for all, having the girls compete over the boys, and of course no one went behind as all of them were winners. Different genre, different styles, different attack.

As we thought the night was over, when some fans already left their seats, Sir Gary went back to showcase once again his dancing skills and we end up dancing our hearts to Earth, Wind, & Fire’s – Let’s Groove, melted our hearts to “I Will Be Here” and we felt more delighted, gratified and thrilled when he did “ Galing ng Pilipino”!

Overall, the show was a perfect 10! And to all of you who missed this event, where it showcased authentic Filipino talents, better think again because it was a very much worthy to keep an eye on.

To Sir Gary,

If we can only sing these lines, “If someday you are far away, our feelings will never end because you have written it on your songs and it will stay in our hearts forevermore.” You are a knack, a leading light to our wonderful Original Pilipino Music. We are so proud to be a Filipino because we know that somewhere out there, someone will stand to a talent waiting to be unfold. Salamat Po.




 Special thanks to Manila Genesis

Gary V Presents Setlist
Shout for Joy
Look in Her Eyes
How Did You know
Babalik Ka Rin
Sa'yo na lang Ako / Kailangan Kita
Di Bale na Lang
Could You Be Messiah
Letting Go
Natutulog ba ang Diyos
Hataw na Drama Medley - “Each Passing Night”,” Reaching Out”, “Narito”, ending with “Sana Maulit Muli”
Jackson Battle Earth, Wind, & Fire - Let's Groove
I Will Be Here
Galing ng Pilipino


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