FebFest Part 1: A Uniquely Trippy Music Festival


February 13, 2014 – The first part of FebFest: Hostess Club in Manila saw the psychedelic and hypnotic performances of the critically acclaimed Scottish post-rock band, Mogwai, and the all-female American rock band, Warpaint. The event was opened by the Filipino producer, Eyedress. The Metrotent became the home of the uniquely trippy harmonies of the three acts.


To start things off, Febfest was very different –it was quiet, very much unlike the concerts where people sing, shout out loud or even rock their souls out. The venue wasn’t jam-packed, but the audience was visibly attentive. The crowd was generally solemn, very much immersed in the flow of the music. Some were swaying. Some had their eyes fixed on the artists.

The venue was set up like a bar. There were a few small tables here and there. Drinks were served. There was also a private lounge at the VIP area. The guests were made up of young, stylish professionals and students who mostly belonged to the upper caste of society. A great number of celebrities and prominent musicians were also spotted in the concert.


Eyedress started things off. Donning his signature look, he wore a pair of roundframe sunglasses, as he performed. He was an enigmatic figure onstage as he sang the lyrics of his songs in an electronic murmur.


Next up was the all-female psychedelic rock quartet: Warpaint. With Emily Kokal and Theresa Wayman on guitars, Jenny Lee Lindberg on bass and Stella Mogzawa, the band enthralled the audience with the gracefully melodic fusion of their voices and music. They played “Keep It Healthy”, “Love is to Die”, “Composure” and “Undertow” among others.



Then, there was the evening’s much awaited main act: Mogwai. The Scottish post-rock band stood out as they blasted through each song. “Heard About You Last Night”, “Master Card”, “Blues Hour” and “The Lord Is Out of Control” are some of the songs they played. For their encore, they ripped through “Hunted by a Freak” and “Mogwai Fear Satan”. Their music live was poignant to the point that it numbed people’s hearing and induced mini palpitations. The volume was noticeably turned up high. It was as if you could just feel the emotion dripping out of every note. In that sense, the experience was cathartic.

The first part of Febfest was very different from all the other concerts out there. It was such a surreal, ear-splitting and mind-boggling experience. The second part of the festival, featuring The National, Youth Lagoon and Buke and Gase, is coming up in a few days. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this rare experience.

Watch FebFest 2014 Part 2 on February 20, 2014 at Metrotent. Tickets available at ticketworld.com.ph/febfest2014

Special thanks to RandomMindsProduction!

by Sandra Mae Laureano

sandra-laureano Sandra Laureano is a capricious dreamer who enjoys music, fiction, poetry, photography and watching moving pictures in glass screens. In between her job as a finance person, she stares into space, plots little ideas, writes in bits and attends as many concerts as she can.

Visit her blog at bluntvoidprototype.tumblr.com


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