Bastille’s Rhythm of the Night

Karpos Multimedia gave concertgoers and music aficionados the first concert of 2015. Hundreds of people welcomed the New Year with a band they love. Though many of them had gone back to reality, there was something to look forward to that night. The fifth evening of January was another cause for celebration.

Bastille Live in Manila

The World Trade Center was a sprawling venue with more than enough space for every one to revel in the music, but as soon as Bastille entered the crowd huddled close to the stage. Blood red lights glowed as the London-based musical quartet commenced their Manila show.

The band composed of Dan Smith, Chris Wood, William Farquarson and Kyle Simmons, was in awe at the turnout of the crowd as it was their first time in the country. “It is so good to be in the Philippines,” lead singer Dan said, and expressed gratitude through their performance.


Bastille Live at World Trade Center

Aside from playing numerous tunes from All This Bad Blood and a track called The Drive from their VS EP series, Bastille performed what Dan labeled as a “newish song” entitled Blame. This new song has yet to be released in their sophomore album.

Dan kept swinging his right hand up, as if calling on the crowd to first-pump and move along. Stormers, as Bastille fans are called, danced, jumped and clapped to the beat, as the lights—green, red, violet, yellow—complemented each song.

Before taking the crowd to a slower, heart-gripping track, Dan announced they needed a few moments to fix something. This gap was filled with a stellar impromptu drum solo—lasting almost a minute long! The drummer’s (Chris ‘Woody’) clever diversion impressed the crowd, and made them forget they were waiting.

Bastille Manila Concert

Bastille Manila Cocnert bastille-manila-concert-2015

“Not to be a boring dad, but…” Dan began. His charisma and frequent crowd interaction went against this self-proclamation. Continuing his train of thought, Dan instructed fans to “take a step back” seeing that some were struggling up front, emphasizing safety first.

During Oblivion, another slow track with a melancholic tinge, Stormers swayed their cellphones in the air every two beats. Even Woody did the same and eventually replaced his phone with a swaying drumstick.


Grammy nominee Bastille had a lot going on during their show: from borrowing a fan’s phone to take several selfies, sporting pink bunny ears, Dan braving the mosh pit, to Stormers chanting “eh eh oh eh oh” as they asked for an encore. The night came to a close with a confetti blast during the crowd favorite Pompeii. Bastille gave a powerful performance that will resonate in fan’s hearts and fuel them with a bittersweet tang to face the New Year.

Thank you, Karpos Multimedia!

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Written By Isabel Matias
Photos by Carla Barretto

Bastille Live in Manila Setlist
-Bad Blood
-Weight of Living, Pt. II
-Laura Palmer
-Laughter Lines
-These Streets
-The Driver
-The Silence
-No Angels
-The Draw
-Get Home
-Of the Night

Izzy Matias is an avid concertgoer with a penchant for the arts. Though she is soon completing a business degree, she immerses herself in the creative world: music, fine arts, literature and photography.

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Carla Barretto is a busy bee that eats, sleeps, and breathes concerts. When she’s not shooting shows, she’s planning them herself! Her production and multimedia backgrounds blend into this peculiar mademoiselle with a love for live music.

Follow Carla Barretto on Twitter @heycarlaaa


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