A Screaming Night with Bring Me The Horizon


British metalcore band Bring Me the Horizon invaded Manila for the first time last March 6, 2013 First, I wasn’t sure whether they would have any opening acts, until vocalist Oliver Sykes of came out with a good amount of energy as he greeted the crowd. He was right on the spot with his vocals, it was throaty and raw, but had enough power to shake your core.

Oliver Sykes lead vocalist of BMTH

The set started with SHADOW MOSES and CHELSEA SMILE. The pit opened up instantly, and all of the hardcore kids immediately went to the pit. The mood in Sky Dome changed, and instantly got better. The attitude of the concert goers became more intense.


The band then continued to play heavier songs such as ALLIGATOR BLOOD and FUCK. The crowd went nuts and uncontrollable.  A circle pit formed in the center of the crowd, and they’re kicking, head banging and slam dancing. It was the craziest moment of the night but its hardcore music so I guess I can’t complain too much! They also performed SADNESS, IT NEVER ENDS, BLESSED and DIAMONDS AREN’T FOREVER.

After nearly 45-minute of deafening show, Bring Me The Horizon opened its encore song ANTIVIST. As the band took their final bow of the night, it was still young as the time of 9:00pm shown on the clock. As the audience waited patiently for more, surprisingly all of them went back not sing another one but to thank all the fans in the venue up close. Most of the fans were able to shake their hands, plus they gave guitar picks, sticks and set list.

bring-me-the-horizon-oliver-sykes bmth-oliver-sykes-skydome

Bring Me The Horizon Live in Manila Crowd

What really impressed me was good vibes of the crowd, there was no problem with fighting or related incidents. Though a little bit short the whole experience was good and all concert goers had a great moment the whole time I was there.

Hoping to see BMTH along with PTV and SWS back for BAZOOKA ROCKS!


This event was presented by PULP LIVE WORLD

Photos by Glenn Michael Tan

Written by Cen SB



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