20 years and Still Going Strong

Celebrating 20 years in the music industry, Irish boyband Boyzone stepped back to Manila for their one-night concert at the Araneta Coliseum on May 26. The boys, minus Stephen (who died in Majorca in 2009) continued to tour as a 4-member group and released an album Brother as a tribute to Stephen.

Boyzone Live in Manila

MANILA, Philippines – Take me back to 90’s. Years have passed but the lads proved that they’re still the band we’ve known 20 years back. 18 years before they got back in Manila and they made sure that the long wait was worth it by creating newfangled time in their “BZ20 The Anniversary Tour”.

Boyzone Live in Manila

After having BSB mid week of May, we felt like were back in the ’90s, enjoying the company of these British boyband we call Boyzone. Ronan, Mikey, Shane and Keith gave us a performance we long to see 18 years ago since their last visit in 1997.

Let’s take and look back at how we made them feel loved and longed during their May 26 concert.

Boyzone Live in Manila

Boyzone Live in Manila

After losing Stephen Gately, who died on Oct. 10, 2009 due to congenital heart defect. The lads released an album Brother as a tribute to him.

Ronan admitted “This is our first time back in the region and everywhere we look, every place we went, every place that we went with Stephen. So in a way it was difficult. But on the other hand, it was fantastic and beautiful that we get to relieve those memories again. Because when the four of us were together we feel that he’s in the room, he’s on this stage tonight. So thank you for allowing us to come back and do this,” He described their visit as “a bit difficult.” without one of their member. The boys performed “Everyday I Love You” and “Gave It All Away” with Stephen’s vocals leading the songs. Shane Lynch shared. “You’ve been so supportive in terms of the pictures, the Instagram, the tweets…back in the ’90s when Stephen was here…so thank you for giving it all back to us. It means so much, all the support, and we love him as much as you do”.

Boyzone Live in Manila

Do you remember the lines, “Don’t love me for fun, girl, Let me be the one, girl, Love Me For a Reason, Let the reason be love”. Yes! Let the reason be love as the big dome filled with so much love and emotion for their big comeback! Big cheers drew from the crowd when they heard the boys singing “Picture of You,” “Baby Can I Hold You”, “Words”, “Everyday I Love You”, “When You Say Nothing at All” and “Love Me for a Reason”.

Boyzone Live in Manila

The concert was filled of selfies, Yes again! Too cute that even these lads are in their late thirties and early forties, they are still caught up being techie. In our native tounge, “di naman sila magpapahuli” as Shane and Keith took two of their fans phone for a selfie. Of course in this age of selfies, the boys would like to give their fans the best selfie they could get.

The boys opened with one of their songs from the album Brother – “Love Is A Hurricane” followed by “Picture of You”. They also performed new tracks from their latest album Dublin to Detroit, which Ronan said was “personal project” for them, paying tribute to the Motown classics. The boys also did sing “Baby Can I Hold You”, “I Love the Way You Love Me”, “Words”, “When the Going Gets Tough” and “You Needed Me”. They also performed “No Matter What” with one of their backup singers, with phones lighting up the venue.

Did you guys noticed their sexy moves while performing their new single “Ruby”? Yes he did, Yes he was! Though Shane was the one who brought a lot of dance moves with him as if he never got tired of dancing from the one side of the stage to the other. From upbeat to “No Matter What” Boyzone switched to “A Different Beat” closing with “Love Me for A Reason” and “Life Is A Roller Coaster”. It was a night full of emotions and love for the boyband who made history in the music industry. We can’t wait to see them hopefully “soon” again that it won’t take another 18 more years.


* Special Thanks to MGM Global Entertainment Productions, CCA Entertainment Productions and Midas Promotions

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Written by Cen Bernardo
Photos by Carla Barretto


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